Economic Education

Welcome to the SLP economic hub, whether or not we are aware, economics impact are lives daily. Acknowledging the intricacies can make a very big difference with the smallest amount of information. This why the Replica community is invested in educating its supporters effectively to ensure that’s impact is positive. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the degree of help solely depends on particular individuals to aid those who lack understanding. The result of this is confusion to an already abstract and mathematical concept. Replica is here to assist all in learning economics not only in the cryptosphere, but atmospherically. Out network is modeled specifically for intuitive step by step, and hands articulation, with close to no hassle. Join us in an evolutionary effort to raise economic awareness so that we can resolve ecosystemic issues at higher rates.

Replica Token Specifications

  • Token ID: cf83b1400aa9b6dbfdcdd8857571220a3e854b0188edabd260119edd8b57d3e3
  • Token Symbol: REP
  • Token Name: Replica
  • Token Supply(Not Fixed): 100,000,000.0
  • Dividend Distribution Supply: (75,000,000.0)
  • Available Circulating Supply: (25,000,000.0)

Additional Network Tokens

Coming Soon… (Select industrial tokens within the network that will support the Replica ecosystem)

Where to Buy/Acquire Replica


  • (Supplied 12,500,000.0 REP 10/4/20-10/31/20)
  • (Supplied 12,500,000.0 REP 10/5/20-10/31/20)

Network Websites

  • Coming Soon…

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